About me

I am a mother, wife, friend and mature student researching the wonder of children…whilst grappling with how their existence can re-frame who we are.

My background is in corporate law and investment banking, however inspired by a visit to Reggio Emilia, I left the City and qualified to work with children in their early years.

I obtained a Diploma in Early Years and went on to work in the role of a Pedagogista at a nursery in South East London. In my role, I supported educators in identifying the meaning in children’s exploration, linking theory to practice by reflecting on concept and interpreting a child’s expressive language. I am a trustee of Sightlines Initiative, an advocate (through creative and reflective practice) for young children’s rights to an early years experience which supports respectful and meaningful opportunities for enquiry.

At present, I am completing an MA in Early Years Education at University College London.

Hannah Young